Starter Pack £200
Starter Pack £200 Starter Pack £200

Starter Pack £200

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Due to the amount of new customers phoning in and asking for £200 of our best sellers to get started with, we decided to make it a product on our site.

This is a selection of our most popular scarves with a Minimum RRP of over £600.

We offer the starter pack so new customers will get the benefit of having the best selling scarves and colours at a great price.

You will have the benefit of ours and our 100's customers knowledge
of the scarf industry as you will receive the best selling scarves based on the sales from all our customers.

In your starter pack you will receive between £225-£230 worth of scarves for £200 a discount of between 10-15% This type of discount is not usually available.

This is the ideal way to get you going with our scarves as it will create an excellent display in your retail outlet.

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